Mielavs un Pārcēlāji

Mielavs un Pārcēlāji „Bezgalīga lēnā deja” (Endless Slow Dance)

Ainars Mielavs is a figure who stands apart in Latvian music. He has forged his songwriting skills over years of patient work with various musicians, and gardually freeing himself of outside influences, he has arrived at a pure and simple model: direct, unaffected lyrics, and honest voice, an acoustic guitar, and drums. A denuded formatē is easily subjected to critcism, but it is here that the album draws its strenght. It seems thet with every new album, Mielavs has become increasingly convinced of his choice of musical path; it’s no surprise that one of the influences he no longer tries to deny is Johnny Cash’s latest recordings. And one needn’t search far for the theme of these songs: Love, of course; everlasting and slow.

Ilmars Slapins
BALTIC OUTLOOK, October 2008

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